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Dan Abel
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> please help.. I'm looking for a VERY authentic taco seasoning recipe..

I assume you are talking about something you add to ground beef. As
others have posted, you can drop the "authentic" and especially the "VERY
authentic". Mexicans don't cook with ground beef, unless they are cooking
for gringos.

We like ground beef tacos at home. After the beef has browned, I
generally throw in some of the diced tomatoes and onions that were
intended to go in the tacos, in the meat. I add a little water and
cover. Sometimes I put in taco sauce, salsa or chili powder.

I used to go to a little Mexican hole in the wall. The kitchen was on the
other side of the counter that you ordered at. I watch them cook ground
beef a couple of times. They took a pot of boiling water and dropped a
five pound chunk of frozen ground beef in it. They broke it up as it
thawed and cooked. That was it. No seasoning, no nothing.

Dan Abel
Sonoma State University