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_.-In, Faux_Pseudo wrote the following -._
> Common things that are used are the following in any number of simple
> recipes.
> Red Pepper
> Black Pepper
> Salt
> Lemon Juice
> Lime Juice
> Vinegar
> Sugar
> Cilantro
> Onion
> Garlic
> Tomato
> Scallions
> Water
> Nopales
> Chillies
> Cumin
> Italian Seasoning (Oregano, Thyme, Basil, Red Peper)
> Bell peppers

I can't belive I forgot some key items:


> Take at most 4 of the above and mix in whatever quantities seems
> appropriate and cook, serve cold or apply to cooking food.

There was a post on /. the other day...

One of the parts that stood out and is on topic for this group:

My very favorite recipe book is a
tiny little thing of about 40 pages.
For each kind of meat and each kind
of vegetable, it lists what spices
and sauces go well with it, how long
and how hot to cook it, and how to
tell when it is done. There is a
little section on how to make about a
dozen differnet sauces. That's it.

Does anyone know of a referance like this? One
that is in html and could easily be put on a Plam
Pilot would be even better.

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