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anthonyd wrote:
>> It isn't as if you have a piece of toast and you just add toppings
>> to it and eat it. The dough isn't fully pre-cooked, it finishes
>> cooking along with the toppings. Either way, the sauce is absorbed
>> into the dough, and the cheese sticks to the dough. The end result
>> is excellent, and frankly much closer in look and taste and texture
>> to the original pizza which is baked in a brick oven than what
>> people bake in their conventional ovens. I think it's silly to
>> suggest that it somehow isn't pizza.

> I respectfully dissagree. Since this is the method I use, I can tell
> you that the dough is pretty much, if not completely cooked through
> before the flip

I do this too, and the dough is not, or at least does not need to be, fully
cooked through. You put it on long enough to stiffen up the dough, then flip
it, apply the toppings, close the lid and in a few more minutes your pizza
is done.

> (certainly on the flipped side to which the toppings
> are applied). So, you are making bread and then putting toppings on.
> You can call it pizza, and 90 out of a 100 people might do so at the
> presentation, but strictly speaking it's not really pizza which is
> defined as below:
> Main Entry: piz·za
> Pronunciation: 'pEt-s&
> Function: noun
> Etymology: Italian, perhaps of Germanic origin; akin to Old High
> German bizzo, pizzo bite, bit, bIzan to bite -- more at BITE
> an open pie made typically of flattened bread dough spread with a
> savory mixture usually including tomatoes and cheese and often other
> toppings and baked -- called also pizza pie

Yeah, I can play that game too - from

"A baked pie of Italian origin consisting of a shallow breadlike crust
covered with seasoned tomato sauce, cheese, and often other toppings, such
as sausage or olives."

According to that definition, the grilled method qualifies as pizza.

So what do you tell your guests when you make it? We're having pizza, or
we're having bread with pizza toppings put on it?

It's just plain silly to pick nits like this and say it isn't pizza.