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Marcella Peek
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Matt Shoop > wrote:

> I have tried to make a number of quiches in the last few months and have
> yet you have one that came out really good. The first one was made with
> eggs, ham, mushrooms and condensed milk (I know but that was the
> recipe). It came out fine, but it was so sweet I felt like I was eating
> desert. The second qiche was made with eggs, mushrooms, tomatos and 2%
> milk, it tasted funny, but no matter how much we cooked it, it never
> really set up.
> Can anybody tell me what I am doing wrong, or point me to a recipe that
> they have tried and had work well.
> Thanks!
> Matt Shoop

Well, I think the first thing wrong is that the recipe likely called for
evaporated milk not condensed milk. Two totally different things and
evaporated milk is not sweetened and is sometimes used as a cream

Since there's not a recipe for the second time I can only guess that you
used the first recipe and since 2% is significantly more watery than
evaporated milk that was your problem.

Here's Julia Child's recipe from The French Chef cookbook

Quiche Au Fromage

1 C grated swiss cheese
1 8" unbaked pie shell
1 1/4 C milk
3 eggs
1/2 t salt
pinch of pepper and nutmeg
1-2 T butter

Spread 3/4 of cheese in pie shell. Beat together eggs, milk and
seasonings. Pour into pie shell. sprinkle with remaining cheese and
dot with butter. Bake at 375 for 25-30 minutes.

Honestly, I have changed the cheese to jack and/or added sauteed
mushrooms or asparagus or broccoli or crumbled bacon etc and it's always
been good.

good luck