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Dan Abel
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In article >, Dave Smith
> wrote:

> Dan Abel wrote:
> > I don't agree with Dave's attitude on this, but he is correct in posting
> > that many people give a vegetarian diet a try for a year or so and then
> > give it up.

> You don't agree with my attitude? My attitude is that I am not interested in
> indulging people who are temporarily adopting a diet that is different from
> mine.

You really have no idea whether it is temporary or not. And lots of
people have diets that are different than yours. And we don't "indulge"
our daughter, at least about her diet. If we are having hot dogs, then
she gets a fake corn dog out of the freezer and nukes it.

> > My son tried a vegetarian diet for about a year and then gave it up. On
> > the other hand, my daughter went vegetarian at 13 and not only stuck it
> > out for 6 years, but has now gone vegan (she gave up eggs and dairy).

> I am sure that you can appreciate that she is more the exception than

the rule.
> Care to make a bet that she will stick to it forever?

No bets. But 13 is pretty young to make such a major decision, and 6
years is pretty much a lifetime when you are 19. I wouldn't be surprised
if she drops the vegan thing, but stays vegetarian for the rest of her
life. My sister turned vegetarian about 15 years ago, and at her age, I
expect she'll never go back to eating meat.

Dan Abel
Sonoma State University