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Default Cooking Sunday-Blog post

It's a Cooking Sunday with pics of the successes and the disaster.

And there is a disaster involving brownies that could not be made

Oh, and check out the Flied Lice recipe.

Also on this Blog post:

In this TV post I note that American Idol is getting close to the final
ten. I've been watching the competition with one eye.

Now is the time to get down to business.

Some comments about the contestants, pics of the finalists and my guess
of the top two finalists.

Also a review of the Mort Kondrake movie "Millie" and the TV event of
the week I refuse to watch.


In this bird post I note it's spring and the birds are singing.

As I cock an ear I ponder what bird would sing what sort of human tune
in this blatant attempt at anthropomorphism.

Both the cardinals and the whippoorwills would be Broadway singers but
with a distinct difference.