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Doug Kanter
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"-L." > wrote in message
> Ginny Sher wrote:
>> Yah... I know he's not a vegetarian in a technical sense and I

> shoulda
>> just said he only eats seafood.

> Sorry, it's just my pet peeve....people who say "I'm a vegetarian but I
> eat chicken." or "I'm a vegetarian but I eat fish." Drives me nuts.

I love the ones who say they won't eat beef or chicken because of how badly
the animals are treated, but they'll eat fish, because everyone knows fish
don't feel pain "the same way". Right. Fish like to be hauled onto the deck
of a ship, dumped there to suffocate, and often gutten & filleted while
they're still kickin'.

Give me one of THAT kind of "vegetarian", a car battery, terminal clamps,
and two hours, and I'll get at the truth. :-)