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Ginny Sher
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On 19 Mar 2005 23:11:26 -0800, "-L." > wrote:

>Ginny Sher wrote:
>> A few friends are coming over for dinner for game night. There will
>> be 6 of us including my best friend and her husband. He is

>> (eats seafood & dairy)

>Then he's not vegetarian.

Yah... I know he's not a vegetarian in a technical sense and I shoulda
just said he only eats seafood. I probably could have listed the
foods that each of them will and won't eat, but it was too lengthy. I
really only meant to impart that each person had very specific foods
they either *could* eat due to doctors orders or *would* eat due to
personal choice.

One eats seafood, preferably cooked in a low-fat method and isn't
supposed to eat cheese, butter, hi sodium, etc. but he does on
occasion. She eats seafood but won't touch cheese, butter, meat, dairy
(unless ff), oil, peanut butter, avocado or pretty much anything with
fat in it.

I know, I know many of you will tell me to tell her that her diet
isn't healthy; that a body needs some fat, etc. It's futile, she's
been like this for decades and is not going to change now. She is my
best friend so I deal with it. I will go out of my way to make sure
her salad has ff dressing and the veggies or whatever, don't have any
oil or butter on them. Usually, we have some condiment like salsa to
place on an entree or vegetable dish when necessary. Her meal was
largely like ours except:

She ate her artichoke plain
She had ff salad dressing over her greens and I did not use any nuts
in her salad.
I served some french bread along with the cornbread for her.
Dessert for her was a plate of strawberries with some blueberries
sprinkled in to look pretty and a little bowl each of ff greek yogurt
and brown sugar to dip the berries in.
She had the salmon with rasp. chipotle sauce because that had no fat
in it and the asparagus.

The only thing she didn't eat was the cornbread and the key lime
cheesecake. Otherwise, it was the same meal. No biggie.