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"Dan Logcher" wrote in message
James Silverton wrote:

Dan Logcher wrote:

Next time I'm at Sushi Island, I will order both and take a picture.
And some sawara if they have it.. and iwashi and saba.. oh man, I'm
drooling already.

The chirashi that provoked my original post (and the unfortunate
situation three hours later) was absolutely pure white. I'm not in the
habit of using words from languages that I don't speak so I will
continue to refer to it as "white tuna" which indeed was what the head
sushi chef called it when I asked him about it. Foreign words may
contribute to precision but a non-speaker cannot always tell if they are
being used correctly. The restaurant had the usual beer company placards
with Japanese names and translations but there was no mention of white

I've seen some menu that list white tuna for albacore and super white tuna
for escolar. So I can see how some people may get confused by the naming.
I cannot get a straight answer from the chefs about the Japanese name of

This kind of supports what I heard, that Abura bouzu (escolar) is banned in
for raw consumption. Either they don't know the Japanese name (nearly
for any half decent Japanese itamae) or they would just rather not "talk
about it".

"Escolar" and its known unfortunate effects on at least some people came
up when I started to investigate the subject on the web. There are
several government notices about it, two of which I have quoted.

Yes, I've seen the government notices way back when SWT first started to
come around. So I started making note when I ate it to see if I had any
sort of distress. Some chefs won't serve it because of the warning, and
maybe they had issues too..

Having read about SWT here in the Newsgroup some time ago, I made an effort
locate it and try it, which I did. 3-4 pieces had no effect on me, but that
could be just me.
Clearly the effect varies from person to person.