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You are getting too boring to bother to reply to.

"Splicer1X" > wrote in message
> Now that's interesting. The Turkish would-be smartie boy "choro-fag"
> runs to the
> defense of the biggest idiot existing on usenet.Choro-fag is not so
> smart after all?
> Or is it your sexual aberration, that you never manage to hide for too
> long, that attracts you when shit like marktrivers in involved?
> How does it feel, to be stunned and delayed in development, being
> emotionally and sexually handicapped, unable to **** a human? That's
> what
> it's all about with you, you anal, subnormal talking piece of shit!
> choro-fag.
> You better get a second boy, retard. Obviously Seanie-boy is not enough
> for
> you to make you feel at ease with yourself and the world.
> choro-nik wrote:
>> What do you eat when you are at home? Obviously bangers and mash or
>> McDonalds and chips. I'd give the sack to your partner if I were you.

> She
>> obviously doesn't know how to cook.
>> --
>> choro-nik
>> ********
>> > wrote in message
>> > when I went to Greece all I ate was gyros. You think they are good
>> > here . . . well you havent a good one then becuas they are

> absolutely
>> > amazing. We were in IOS and we went to this local hole in the

> whole 2x
>> > a day. We would eat them when we were not even hungry
>> >