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Dan Logcher
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Default White tuna or escolar

James Silverton wrote:

I have been in contact with the US FDA and have received the following
Escolar, puffer fish, and whelk

There are naturally occurring toxins in some species that do not involve
marine algae. Escolar (i.e. Lepidocybium flavobrunneum, Ruvettus pretiosus)
contains a strong purgative oil, called gempylotoxin. FDA advises against
importation. See Import Bulletin 16-B55.

Even if my one experience indicated that white tuna *was* delicious, I
can certainly corroborate the purgative effect!

Whelk? Aren't those snails?

Anyway, could there be a quality issue? I've been eating "Super White Tuna"
for years now, roughly 2 orders a sitting, and no ill effects.