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>You are certainly not the aboriginal peoples of what is now Greece.
You mean a pelasgian? The Messenians next door maybe, but not me
........that would make me a helot. I'm a Lacedemonian, so there! I've
told you before that Turks were not around my hood.

>Come, I'll offer you a Turkish coffee in a gesture of friendship.

Sorry, I
>tried to get some Greek coffee but it doesn't exist apparently. But

>think of it as Greek coffee and be happy.

I'm no friend of coffee, but if you want to offer friendship, I'd
appreciate it if you increased Seanie's and markrivers medication.
Their manic depression is becoming annoying :-)

>And while you wait while I prepare the Turkish coffee, would you like

>Turkish lokum with roast nuts in them? If you are not happy with

>Lokum just add the letter "i" at the end of it and presto it becomes

Greek Lokumi.
I find the two versions quite a bit different frankly, and I can't say
I like either one. Maybe the one from the island Syros is OK

>And BTW, what sort of nuts would you like me to roast and add to the

> I've got a very sharp knife as good as any surgeons use.
>How about your very own nuts? That will truly make the lokum/i truly

Don't know what kind of stuff you're into, but stay away from my nuts
unless you're female, and no transexual one...... otherwise you're
barking up the wrong tree!