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Jan Hall
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say there, bubba. I set my own boundaries. however, you gave an amusing
performance. try not to be so completely anal.

"Dutch" wrote in message

"Jan Hall" wrote
In the real world, regional grammar is quite effective in expressing the
point of the work, and often has more depth and soul, which I prefer to

coldness of a martinet....

She lives in Toronto, Canada, there is no "regional grammar" issue at
Bad grammar in and of itself never improves the effectiveness of speech. A
speaker may be effective *in spite of* poor grammar, this is not the case
here. I propose that you feel the urge to defend this person for other
reasons than a penchant for bad grammar.

"Rudy Canoza" wrote in message
Scented Nectar wrote:

A reasonably educated person would write something like "I am, like


others, in a position..." or "I and many others are..." Your verb


agree with your noun.

It's nice to know you're here to protect me from
the evils of bad grammar.

You are an illiterate twit.