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On Wed, 09 Mar 2005 19:37:54 GMT, "Ray Calvert"
> wrote:

>"geo" > wrote in message
>> Never did get any response to this posting about my White Merlot kit
>> from Wine Expert. Now I have a problem with it. Here's a brief
>> history.
>> Fermentation started on 1/9; racked from primary into the carboy on
>> 1/17; stabilized and fined on 1/29, and racked again on 2/6.
>> It looked beautifully clear from the neck of the carboy down to a point
>> about an inch or two below the shoulder. From that point downward, was
>> kind of hazy. I figured it would clear in a week or two - but here it
>> is a month later, and there's very little change.
>> There is a very clear level above which this wine is very clear, and
>> below which it's hazy. It's been fined with the isinglass that came
>> with the kit (on the 29th).
>> There's a fair amount of sediment at the bottom of the carboy, so I'm
>> thinking about racking it this weekend. Should I subject it to another
>> fining at the same time? Or just wait?

>I have not made this particular kit and maybe no one else has so no one
>responded. Nor have I had this problem with a kit before. I have had
>similar problems with white wines made from juice however. I used super
>klear on it. It is a two stage clearing agent. You rack your wine and mix
>the first stage in. Stir well. Then mix the second stag in and put it back
>in you carboy. Be sure to top up. It will work in from 6 to 48 yours. For
>me, it always works over night. One of the few things in wine making that
>seems to work fast. Very good for whit wines. I am sure it will work well
>on blush wines. I would not use it on a red wine.

I haven't made this kit either, but have run into similar problems. I
would rack it without further fining and give it a few weeks. This
usually works. If it still doesn't show progress clearing, then try
the SuperKlear. I've only had one wine that SuperKlear didn't clear
within 48 hours.