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Ray Calvert
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"geo" wrote in message
Never did get any response to this posting about my White Merlot kit
from Wine Expert. Now I have a problem with it. Here's a brief

Fermentation started on 1/9; racked from primary into the carboy on
1/17; stabilized and fined on 1/29, and racked again on 2/6.

It looked beautifully clear from the neck of the carboy down to a point
about an inch or two below the shoulder. From that point downward, was
kind of hazy. I figured it would clear in a week or two - but here it
is a month later, and there's very little change.
There is a very clear level above which this wine is very clear, and
below which it's hazy. It's been fined with the isinglass that came
with the kit (on the 29th).

There's a fair amount of sediment at the bottom of the carboy, so I'm
thinking about racking it this weekend. Should I subject it to another
fining at the same time? Or just wait?

I have not made this particular kit and maybe no one else has so no one
responded. Nor have I had this problem with a kit before. I have had
similar problems with white wines made from juice however. I used super
klear on it. It is a two stage clearing agent. You rack your wine and mix
the first stage in. Stir well. Then mix the second stag in and put it back
in you carboy. Be sure to top up. It will work in from 6 to 48 yours. For
me, it always works over night. One of the few things in wine making that
seems to work fast. Very good for whit wines. I am sure it will work well
on blush wines. I would not use it on a red wine.