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"Brick" wrote:
On 4-Mar-2005, " BOB" wrote:

I haven't seen or heard anything from you lately. You OK?


I probably won't be around much BOB. My shady life has caught up with me.
Right after I survived heart repair,my wife who was already sliding into
Altzheimer's, fell and broke a hip. She survived a hip replacement job
but the pain killers and other med's kicked her Altzheimer's into high
gear. She's now in a rehab/nursing facility where she can be looked after
24/7. It's a real bitch when I visit her in the evening and she doesn't
remember me being there that same morning.

Brick (Trying to keep the shiny side up)

I'm filled with love for you, my friend. The pain of helplessly watching
your loved one's mind slip away must be unbearable. If anyone can keep the
shiny side up through this ordeal, you can. We are here for you and your
dearly beloved.

Thanks for letting us know, and keep the shiny side up, damnit!

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