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"Brick" wrote in message

On 4-Mar-2005, " BOB" wrote:

I haven't seen or heard anything from you lately. You OK?


I probably won't be around much BOB. My shady life has caught up with me.
Right after I survived heart repair,my wife who was already sliding into
Altzheimer's, fell and broke a hip. She survived a hip replacement job
but the pain killers and other med's kicked her Altzheimer's into high

She's now in a rehab/nursing facility where she can be looked after 24/7.
It's a real bitch when I visit her in the evening and she doesn't remember
me being there that same morning.

Brick (Trying to keep the shiny side up)

Sorry, Howard. I've just posted a tongue in cheek remark to abf before
reading this ng. I'm sincerely sorry!!

Warmest regards being sent from where I sit.