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"LM" > wrote in message
>A while back (over two years apparently) I bought the Sams Club 2-pack
> of apple sauce, each bottle has 64 oz. Then I moved and they got lost
> (out of sight out of mind.) They were unopened but not refridgerated,
> deep in a cupboard above the stove.
> When I rediscovered them a few weeks ago, the sauce was brown. I opened
> one, and the brown-ness goes about an inch deep with the center being
> normal color.
> Is the sauce safe to eat? It smelled normal but I don't want to take
> unnecessary chances.
> Thanks for the help!
> Lance

In all likelihood if the seal was intact (vacuum) and there was no pressure
when the jar was opened the applesauce is PROBABLY ok.

The browning of the sauce is the same thing that happens to an apple when
cut and exposed to the air, oxidation.

Now having said that if it is beyond the "Use by" date I would NOT use it.

What are you going to save a few dollars?