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LM wrote:
> A while back (over two years apparently) I bought the Sams Club

> of apple sauce, each bottle has 64 oz. Then I moved and they got lost
> (out of sight out of mind.) They were unopened but not refridgerated,
> deep in a cupboard above the stove.
> When I rediscovered them a few weeks ago, the sauce was brown. I

> one, and the brown-ness goes about an inch deep with the center being
> normal color.
> Is the sauce safe to eat? It smelled normal but I don't want to take
> unnecessary chances.
> Thanks for the help!
> Lance

Is there an outdate anywhere on the packaging? Note: The outdate may
appear in Julian form such as this 2453438.45838. There are plenty of
Julian date to standard date converters on the internet.