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Chris Neidecker
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"Serendipity" wrote in message
I was anxious to play with my new silicone muffin tin. This pan is
wonderful! I have a Roshco silicone 12 c muffin pan with non-stick sled.
The sled keeps the muffin tin stable while loading, baking, and removing
from oven. I made whole wheat blueberry and whole wheat cranberry muffins.
One did a semi-stick because I popped it out while still hot but it was a
small price to pay for a fresh, piping hot whole wheat cranberry muffin
with a spat of butter The instructions say to leave the muffins in the
pan until completely cooled. True to their promise, perfect muffins popped
out! I'm impressed!

Thanks for posting! I've been wondering about these pans. I wonder if they
come in a mini-muffin size? And how is cleanup? I make mini sweet potato
muffins all the time for my kids, and I hate cleaning up the pan (which
*used* to be non-stick). Completely cooled, though? That would never
happen in my house! Not just because we can't resist eating the muffins
while they're still warm.....we just don't have time to wait for them to
cool. If you try it again and pop them out while still warm, please post

Chris (hmmm, birthday is a long way off, but Mother's Day is
approaching soon....)