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"Serendipity" > wrote in message
> I discovered Cost Plus World Market yesterday. That place is totally
> awesome! Some things are quite costly but everything appears to be
> quite high quality. They have a food section that carries many of the
> products seen on the food channel. I can see easily dropping $200-300
> dollars there in a very short time. Yesterday, I was frugal with my
> purchases though. I bought: depression era style bread box ($19.99),
> Roshco silicone muffin pan with non-stick sled ($19.99), genuine
> superior Spanish saffron ($3.99), vanilla soda (as seen on tv - $1.19
> each), cinnamon sticks, and whole nutmeg. I found some of the food
> items rather expensive but given they are unique or organic or items you
> can't easily get, the prices were't all that bad. What a great store!
> I can't wait to go back. Time to start keeping a list of food channel
> ingredients I would like to try

Ahh I love that store! Especially during the can find so many
cool and unusual stocking stuffers! It's amazing. I'm planning to check out
what they have for Easter Basket items too.
During these last holidays it was the only place I found sugar free
peppermint syrup (coffee flavoring syrup). Huge bottle, and about the same
price as the small bottle of regular syrup in the grocery store, so it was a
bargain as far as I was concerned.
I've also purchased a few home items there at various times. My husband had
picked out these awesome tables from Home Place before they closed that look
like leather chests with the old fashioned maps on them. Cost plus was a
great place to shop for accessories! Vases, lamps, etc.
Not to mention, they have an extensive selection of wines and unusual
What a fun way to spend a couple hours....