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TheAlligator wrote:
>> >Jesse

> "Lite" is just another term for lower-sodium. Actual "light" soy
> sauce is soy sauce without the caramel coloring - I guess there are
> other differences, but I'm not sure what they are, although I have a
> number of recipes that specifically demand the use of light. As far
> as dark soy, there is your answer, too. There is a much higher grade
> of soy sauce, but the name escapes me at the moment. Someone gave us
> a bottle, and it was wonderful. And yet again, you are luckier than
> me with your location, as I have never actually been able to find

> light soy sauce here. If I wanted to make a day-trip, there is a
> large Asian market within reach, but I've never been that ambitious
> yet. There is also a Puerto Rican market that's closer that I've

> meaning to visit - hmmm . . . how's REAL oxtail grab you?

I went to BassPro Shop today and they had a line of gas cookers from
KingKooker. There is one that was basicaly a rectangular frame with
a burner in the middle and a hose attached. The burner was recessed
3 inches down from where you could lay a wok/pot etc... on it. Would
be close enough to the flame or do I need to get one of the burners you
showed me at that other link? The burner on this one was smaller in
diameter as well but the BTU was 30,000. The box showed a drawing of
flames emitting that looked good but that was just on their warning
section. It attrached me due to the fact that it has some sort of
support to it where as the "free standing" ones in the link you posted
seemed a little less convenient to setup. (the Hot Tub)

If you check that link it shows the overall design of what I saw
they dont show a close up. This one might be bigger as well, at least
it costs more, the one I saw was about $50. If you click on the
picture its actually harder to see what it looks like though so the one
on this link is actually easier to judge.

Anyways thought this device might have a little more use for me since I
can fry with it as well. Guess you can with the other burners but I
assume you need to add some sort of support to it.

As far as REAL oxtail I don't know the difference between real and
fake. I do know the place I go to has plenty of organs though as well
as other assorted pieces of meat I have no intention of trying.