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>Is there really a difference between light and lite soy sauce? The
>kind I have is called light, its some chinese brand, not what you'd
>find at the supermarket. But I assumed it was just low sodium like the
>lite ones. And is dark soy sauce different than the regular stuff?
>Also does this recipe or process (looing) have any relation to the
>"bourbon chicken" you see at many asian restruants (especially the ones
>in a mall etc..)?

"Lite" is just another term for lower-sodium. Actual "light" soy
sauce is soy sauce without the caramel coloring - I guess there are
other differences, but I'm not sure what they are, although I have a
number of recipes that specifically demand the use of light. As far
as dark soy, there is your answer, too. There is a much higher grade
of soy sauce, but the name escapes me at the moment. Someone gave us
a bottle, and it was wonderful. And yet again, you are luckier than
me with your location, as I have never actually been able to find even
light soy sauce here. If I wanted to make a day-trip, there is a
large Asian market within reach, but I've never been that ambitious
yet. There is also a Puerto Rican market that's closer that I've been
meaning to visit - hmmm . . . how's REAL oxtail grab you?