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Shawn Hearn
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> I never had the issue of being overweight under recently.
> Probably started with left over haloween candy from last year.
> I started eating choclates after lunch and that became a habit.
> i got so used to it, now I am craving for a dessert after every meal.
> (How much ever full I am)
> I tried to replace it with fruits, but I still crave until I get some
> thing sugary. Also, I cannot just stop on one, I tend to eat a handful.
> Cookies/candy/choclates anything is fine as long as it is sugary. Any
> suggestions to curb this?
> Thanks

Why would you want to curb it? Why not eat desserts that are made with
Splenda? There are also more and more low carb candies on the market.
For example, Russell Stover makes a line of low carb candies. I just ate
one of their pecan delights and its very good.