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TheAlligator wrote:
> wrote:
> >Interesting comment. I have a few asian cooking books that suggest
> >marinating this way. What is the point of using cornstarch as a
> >marinade anyways? I've heard of a process called "looing" which is

> >way to marinate but not sure what it entails yet. I did order Gary
> >Lee's Wok book which is supposed to be really good so maybe I'll

> >some tips from that.
> >

> Looing is long slow cooking in a very flavorful sauce and results in
> very tender, rich meat. I have never tried to do it, but it is quite
> easy. For the cornstarch,
> I'm not sure, but it makes chicken so good you want to die. I have a
> LOT of recipes for the wok, but generally, I just use "whatever" and
> have a basic marinade for chicken (what i use mostly) and a basic
> sauce. I'm on a relatively low-salt diet and am used to fairly bland
> taste, so you may want to use regular soy sauce instead. There are
> countless versions, and for different meats, but I usually use

> and these are ones I use when cooking without a recipe.

Ok so you do advocate cornstarch for marinating, I thought you were
implying in that other message that it was a bad idea due to the

Have you ever tried palm sugar instead of white/brown? I got into that
with Thai curry but I noticed that some sweet soy sauce I bought per a
recipe had it in the ingredients. Either the palm sugar or sweet soy
sauce are both really nice if you like things on the sweeter side (goes
well with heat of course).