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"jmcquown" >, if that's their real name, wrote:

>Sugar free candy. Russell Stovers makes some nice chocolate ones. Just
>don't eat the entire bag/box. One or two, the craving should disappear.

If you do eat the whole bag, be prepared to live on the toilet for a few

>Also consider sucking on a sugar-free hard candy. (shut up, Sheldon!)

I'm almost finished with a bag of "Go Lightly" chocolate mint hard candies.
They're quite good. Gotta remember where I found them. WalMart?

OT: I use them at bedtime. I just keep one in my mouth all night long
(it's still there in the morning!) to handle the dry mouth I get from one
of my medications. Helps keep the saliva flowing. I got tired of waking
up during the night, unable to swallow. By using sugar-free, I'm hoping
that I won't harm my teeth during the night.

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