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Toddlers_mom wrote:
> I never had the issue of being overweight under recently.
> Probably started with left over haloween candy from last year.
> I started eating choclates after lunch and that became a habit.
> i got so used to it, now I am craving for a dessert after every
> meal.
> (How much ever full I am)
> I tried to replace it with fruits, but I still crave until I get
> some
> thing sugary. Also, I cannot just stop on one, I tend to eat a
> handful.
> Cookies/candy/choclates anything is fine as long as it is sugary.
> Any
> suggestions to curb this?
> Thanks

If I may be so bold, I would suggest a trip to your doctor first thing
to check your blood sugar. There is a linkage between cravings for
sweets and elevated blood sugar counts. I'm not suggesting that is
the case in your instance, but it might be wise to rule adult onset
diabetes out. Secondly, perhaps try some sugar-free candy (watch out
for the laxative effect!); there are some fairly good chocolates and
other candies out there. My wife particularly likes the sugar-free
licorice from Dutch Sweets (mail-order from the Internet). Sometimes
a piece of gum will kill the craving for me. Best thing to do is just
don't bring it into the house. Easier said than done, I know, but it
would not be possible for me to pass up a bowl of peanut M&Ms if they
were right in front of me. Good luck with your battle.

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