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One last comment. After the day you unpack it and wash with
detergent, NEVER let soap of any kind touch your wok again - EVER.
Not if it's a plain carbon-steel wok - you didn't get any other kind,
I hope. While eating, let it soak full of very hot water. Use a
plastic scraper (we use the one intended for cleaning a baking stone)
and carefully and gently remove all rough bits to smooth it down.
Rinse thoroughly and repeat the scraping and rinsing if you need to.
Dry it off somewhat, place on a burner on HIGH to evaporate all the
moisture. Let cool a bit. Take a paper towel, pour in about a tsp of
oil, swirl it around with the towel to coat completely the interior.
Put back on the high heat until it starts to smoke, then remove and
cool. Take another wad of paper towel, run it all over the inside,
make sure there is no pooling of oil in the bottom, cover and store.
If you do this, you will enjoy this wok more 10 years down the road
than you do now.