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As a long term subscriber to Cook's Illustrated, some of their content is
pretty naive. I strongly suspect that Christopher Kimball knows less about
cooking on the Weber than you may.
Nonetheless, what they publish is well written, well illustrated, and
usually fun to read.

"Piedmont" > wrote in message
>I just picked up a new cookbook that was at my local library and wanted
> to pass on information about it.
> It's called, "Steaks, Chops, Roasts, and Ribs". By the editors of
> Cook's Illustrated Magazine. ISBN: 0-936184-78-7
> I think anyone here would be interested in having it to add to they're
> collection. It is a very detailed and informative cook book. It
> explains and show diagrams of meat cuts as from the animal and then the
> cuts you'll find in the grocers.
> They cover oven cooking, grilling, indirect, direct, sauces, Chili
> recipes. I don't get too excited about cook books but this is the first
> one that I have seen that I beleive would greatly benefit those just
> starting out and those that like to review the fine points.
> For example, they talk about bacon and cooking bacon in fry pan, oven
> amd microwave, what they did, what they saw and tasted and then they're
> recommendation as to which gave the best results. They do this through
> out the book.
> They detail cooking in the Weber Kettle, gas and kitchen oven. There is
> a basic bbq sauce recipe that has variations for Mexican , Asian and
> Caribbean flavors using the first sauce as a base. Also some basic dry
> rubs too, along with 2 Carolina sauces.
> The link below is to where the book is located.
> Regards: Mike WIllsey (Piedmont)