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TheAlligator wrote:

> Depends on how adept you are at using the wok. Like another poster
> farther down here just said, it's not how hot you GET it, but how hot
> you KEEP it. Using an electric burner even on high, if you throw in

> large quantity of food at once, it will just cool down and stew. I
> originally used the 35,000 unit on pretty near full blast. I'm
> ashamed to admit this, but I use an oven mit on my left hand because
> the wood broke off one handle years ago - the flames were lapping a
> little too high, and set the mitt on fire. Since then, I let the
> flames lap up the side, but not so much. But I still never turn the
> flame down. I do occassionally lift the wok and flip the food a bit
> so the food still cooks while it cools some. YMMV. I don't really
> know how to answer your question any better, because I've never paid
> much attention. My rule has always been that, within reason, the
> higher the heat the better. The food's not going to be in there very
> long anyway. By the way I think I could live with nothing but a wok

> and a pot for pinto beans, of course.

Hey no shame in using a mit, I'll probably be forced to as my wok
doesn't have much of a handle (just a short metal one). But I get the
idea now, generally as hot as you can get and regulate but
stiring/moving the wok.

Thanks for all thw advice.