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TheAlligator wrote:
> wrote:
> >Thanks for that link, they look like they have some cool stuff.

> >model did you get exactly?
> >

> You really need to get their catalog. I have bought a LOT of stuff
> from them. This link should get you there, but be careful and paste
> it all together:
> 0
> 35,000 BTU. Not HUGE, but better than electric.
> And only another gadget-geek could explain why, but we got one of
> these, too:
> 7
> It's a lot cheaper construction, but we have used it for about 5

> with no problems. It's 15,000 BTU. The first one is more
> wok-compatible.
> Now if I only had about $20,000 to invest in a 7-foot long diesel
> generator and some trimmings . . . .

Thanks I'll check out the catalog. Those are pretty cheap, I'll have
to check my local asian mom and pop shop and see if they have a similar
one for the same price. One last question though, how do you regulate
the flame on one of those and is there any guidelines to how I should
set it or do you just use it all out?