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Tony P.
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In article .com>,
> TheAlligator wrote:
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> >
> > 20-gallon propane tank connected to a burner I got from Northern Tool
> > and Equipment Company ( I like it a LOT better

> than
> > electric.

> Twist my arm why don't you.

In answer to the original poster - I've always read and observed that
true woks should be kept on full blast heat. That's why the walls are so
nicely curved and high. You can push that which you don't want to get
the direct brunt of the heat up, while leaving the stuff you want to
sear at the bottom.

There used to be a walk in fast Chinese place I frequented. They cooked
within visibility and was I ever impressed when I first saw them lift
the wok out of it's recess and then saw the flames shooting out. That's
how hot it should be.