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"TheAlligator" > wrote in message
> wrote:
>>TheAlligator wrote:
>>> 20-gallon propane tank connected to a burner I got from Northern Tool
>>> and Equipment Company ( I like it a LOT better

>>> electric.

>>Twist my arm why don't you.

> Seriously, it was really cheap. And it's a LOT better than electric.
> Now, if I could just control the weather . . .

LOL. I'm known around these parts as the garage griller. If the weather is
really cold or windy (we get sustained winds here on the plains of 40+ mph
at times) I'll open the big garage door about a quarter of the way and fire
up my grill but I'd never use my turkey fryer rig just to have extreme heat
for woking in the garage.

Oh, and before you guys start to jump my ass, I don't use the jet burner,
that's it's name! Jet Burner!, in the garage. Deep fried turkey is great
but it's extremely messy. I give myself about 10' clearance in all
directions when I do a turkey.


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