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> Maverick wrote:
>> I think your problem is that you are taking too long. When using a
>> wok, you want it super hot. But, because of the high temps, you
>> have to have everything lined up and ready to go. Once you start
>> the wok, you are

>> committed which means you have to have all your prep work done in
>> advance and right there beside the stove.

> The particular recipe I had tonight involved asparagus. I had that
> cooking on med-high for a few minutes when I noticed the oil smoking a
> bit. It seemed like the asparagus wasn't enough mass to absorb the
> heat present so the oil was taking the brunt of the energy. This
> doesn't seem like it would be a problem with meat or bigger veggies.
> I did notice the dish ended up having a pleasant smoky smell,
> different than what burned oil normally tastes like. Maybe peanut
> oil can take the higher heat when it comes to its flavor being
> affected. As it was the asparagus was a bit on the crunchy side for
> what I prefer so I'm wondering how I'll be able to cook it long
> enough without burning the oil/spices. Any ideas om how I could have
> approached this differently or am I just being too cautious again?
> Jesse

You don't mention if you're actually doing "stir fry" - that is, keeping the
ingredients moving in the wok as you cook in it. As someone else mentioned,
unless you're actually simmering something in it (or deep frying) when
cooking in a wok add the longest cooking ingredients first to very hot oil.
Gradually add the other ingredients. But keep that food moving.