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aem wrote:

> I think you're on the right track. I have had a couple of extended
> periods when I had to use an electric stove, and it is a challenge

> wok cooking. My practice was the same as yours, except that I put

> burner on high and the wok directly on the burner, the main point

> to move the wok on and off the burner to control the heat. What you
> want to prevent is too much cooling as additional ingredients go in.
> Don't assume that you need to lower the heat--i.e., take the wok off
> the heat--just because you see some wisps of smoke. Stirfrying can
> handle it. Home cooks in general are too cautious about heat--let

> rip and you'll like the result. If restaurant cooks used the

> flames that home cooks do, it would be routine to wait an hour for

> food.
> -aem

Thanks I'll try that. My first attempt was deffinatly too low in heat
as the food just kinda sat there without the sizzle I would expect from
this kind of cooking. Tonight I did a bit better though. Part of my
aprehension with having the stove on high was that it seemed to be
burning the bottom of the wok (on the insde) and I didn't want the
patina messed up.

But I agree about being too cautious, I've noticed it seems to take my
recipes longer than what I've seen on TV or even what recipes call for
due to my not wanting to burn food. I guess the trick is to constantly
turn it, especially with wok cooking.