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> Ok so I just got a wok last night and have done two meals on it.
> Both came out really well. What I'm experiementing with is how hot
> this thing should be. I have an electric stove and after reading
> that these aren't hot enough I figured I better put mine on high.
> But when doing that the peanut oil burns easily. What I've tried
> so far is keeping the heat on med-high and then pulling the wok
> off the burner when I detect burning oil and then back on again to
> maintin the heat. I've also tried putting the ingredients in one
> at a time, taking the previous one out and letting thw wok come back
> up to temp before putting the next in.
> I might think about getting a gas burner for outside cooking but
> not sure if that would be more trouble than its worth.
> Jesse

I think your problem is that you are taking too long. When using a wok, you
want it super hot. But, because of the high temps, you have to have
everything lined up and ready to go. Once you start the wok, you are
committed which means you have to have all your prep work done in advance
and right there beside the stove.

If you get a chance, watch Alton Brown's episode about woks on "Good Eats".
If you think your electric stove is getting too hot, he's using a high
powered propane stove deal which is about 10 times the BTU output of your

My gas stove doesn't get hot enough, IMO, and I have to slow down when I use
the wok. I'm thinking of using my turkey frying deal (can't remember the
damn name) the next time I break out the wok.


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