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> Ok so I just got a wok last night and have done two meals on it.
> Both came out really well. What I'm experiementing with is how hot
> this thing should be. I have an electric stove and after reading
> that these aren't hot enough I figured I better put mine on high.
> But when doing that the peanut oil burns easily. What I've tried
> so far is keeping the heat on med-high and then pulling the wok
> off the burner when I detect burning oil and then back on again to
> maintin the heat. I've also tried putting the ingredients in one
> at a time, taking the previous one out and letting thw wok come back
> up to temp before putting the next in.


I think you're on the right track. I have had a couple of extended
periods when I had to use an electric stove, and it is a challenge for
wok cooking. My practice was the same as yours, except that I put the
burner on high and the wok directly on the burner, the main point being
to move the wok on and off the burner to control the heat. What you
want to prevent is too much cooling as additional ingredients go in.

Don't assume that you need to lower the heat--i.e., take the wok off
the heat--just because you see some wisps of smoke. Stirfrying can
handle it. Home cooks in general are too cautious about heat--let her
rip and you'll like the result. If restaurant cooks used the moderate
flames that home cooks do, it would be routine to wait an hour for your