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Default How hot is too hot when using a Wok

Ok so I just got a wok last night and have done two meals on it.
Both came out really well. What I'm experiementing with is how hot
this thing should be. I have an electric stove and after reading
that these aren't hot enough I figured I better put mine on high.
But when doing that the peanut oil burns easily. What I've tried
so far is keeping the heat on med-high and then pulling the wok
off the burner when I detect burning oil and then back on again to
maintin the heat. I've also tried putting the ingredients in one
at a time, taking the previous one out and letting thw wok come back
up to temp before putting the next in.

I might think about getting a gas burner for outside cooking but
not sure if that would be more trouble than its worth.