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Rodney Myrvaagnes
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On 22 Feb 2005 11:41:13 -0800, "scrooge" > wrote:

>I bought a new pepper grinder about a year ago. Its primary appeal was
>its "easy fill" character: the clear plastic top simply unscrews from
>the grinder bottom, so there's a good size hole to dump new peppercorns
>Except that the second or third time I tried to fill it the damn' top
>wouldn't unscrew! I've tried the rubber holder-onners, even tried
>vise-grips (but they're too small to tighten down).
>I've also tried soaking the (plastic) screw ring in hot water... no
>At this point I'm reduced to using pre-ground pepper, which EVERYONE
>knows is not a good alternative.
>Short of breaking the top off, I'm out of ideas as well as out of

Maybe a neighbor will lend you a larger vise-grip.

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