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The Joneses
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This is only the second time I've made saurkraut. (Clipped adventures)

Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. I'm still a little chicken to
try sauerkraut.My kimchee wouldn't ferment, but did get a bit sour. Was
nice but not great.
As for habeneros - I found that using only the flesh, minus seeds & ribs
where the heat concentrates, I needed three habs for a batch of peach jam.
Was very nicely hot, but not scorching. Very pretty stuff too when using
red habs. Also made habenero pique, that is sliced hab flesh stuffed into
old cruet, covered with hot good vinegar and bit of salt, let stand for a
month, makes a great condiment on cassaroles, beans, eggs, etc. And not as
hot as you would think.