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On 2/19/2005 4:32 PM, Bluesea wrote:
"Serendip" wrote in message

Thanks. So... will you drop the other shoe, and share which Earl Greys
you like best, please? I know, everyone has their own preferences,

but... please?

Sure, no problem.

My #1 absolute favorite is the Original Earl Grey TE10 from Upton.
#2 is Bigelow's.

If I'm feeling really desperate for a fix of EG, I'll have a cup of
Twinings, but I'd mostly really rather not because I don't get the same
sense of satisfaction and enjoyment that I do with the others.

Ceylon-based EG makes me gag and I once ran across then avoided an
Assam-based EG. To tell the truth, I haven't liked any Assam or Assam

that I've encountered. Note that my favorites use a base of China black

Twinings is a blend of several. The TE10 has less bergamot than

and Upton offers the Extra Bergamot English Earl Grey (TE11) that has

too much bergamot for me although it's their most popular EG.

Thanks! And good to hear that there CAN be such a thing as too much
bergamot - when I order from Upton, I'll try both. Thanks!

You're welcome!

If you haven't already, I suggest that you try a Ceylon-based EG (TE15,
TE17, TE20, &/or TE09) as a couple of my friends prefer those over my base
China black.

Of the different English Breakfast teas that I've had, my #1 favorite is the
Ceylon EB Wilson Select (TB18).

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