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On 2/17/2005 7:47 PM, Bluesea wrote:
"Serendip" wrote in message
(Warning - my second newbie post of the day.)

LOL - you're on a roll!

I've searched, but can't find anything like this... are there any sites
that compare teas from one company to another, for example, lapsang
souchong from Adagio compared to that from ROT, IPOT, Upton, etc.? I
realize it couldn't be complete, and teas aren't going to be exactly the
same, but does anything like this exist?

FWIW, this one is for Earl Grey, but since the base tea and amount of
bergamot changes from source to source and I've already discovered what I
like, I tend to disagree with the ratings

Thanks. So... will you drop the other shoe, and share which Earl Greys
you like best, please? I know, everyone has their own preferences, etc.,
but... please?