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Michael Plant
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(Warning - my second newbie post of the day.)

I've searched, but can't find anything like this... are there any sites
that compare teas from one company to another, for example, lapsang
souchong from Adagio compared to that from ROT, IPOT, Upton, etc.? I
realize it couldn't be complete, and teas aren't going to be exactly the
same, but does anything like this exist?




I have no immediate answer to your question, but I will say here that ROT
and Upton are huge companies, while IPOT is relatively small. I also know
that the owners of IPOT travel regularly to China, Taiwan, and India,
searching and researching and talking with the farmers, so among the three
examples you give, guess which one I trust. I've seen some of the village
films the guys from IPOT made for their own records. Pretty interesting.