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Default Raw tasting bread

try this recipe.3lb of bread flour---2 teasp. salt ( the recipe calls
for 3 but i cut down on this)----28 fluid ounces of hand hot
water.---3ounces of butter----2 or 3 teaspoons of sugar 2 ounces of
fresh yeast, or 2 sachets of dried yeast (2 tablespoons).If you want
wholemeal bread use 2 and a half pound of wholemeal flour and 8 ounces
of white and add another one or two ounces of liquid.this ammount
makes 2x1lb loaves and a dozen or so bread cakes.i have a bread
machine but very seldom use it as i much prefer "proper" bread.every
tuesday i have my grandson and we bake. this week i introduced him to
the art of breadmaking and he was thrilled with the result.bake the
bread in a hot oven for about 20 mins. and 12 mins for the rolls.