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Another warm Saturday in St. Louis

where do you live in the STL? I'm there too!!!

meant more outdoor cooking. I made
the Chicken Diavola recipe from America's Test Kitchen. Basically a
brined butterflied fryer, with a spicy mixture spread under the skin.

The spice paste was four medium cloves of garlic (minced), two
teaspoons ground black pepper, two teaspoons of red pepper flakes,

1/4 cup of olive oil. This is heated to the sizzling point then

You then work your fingers under the skin of the breast and legs and
smear this around underneath.

It's cooked in a kettle grill, with a chimney of charcoal divided off
to either side for indirect cooking, all vents open to run pretty


It worked pretty well, the only problem I had was the time. They said
30-35 minutes, it was much closer to an hour before I had safe temps

the thighs. I use the Weber charcoal holders, perhaps it isn't as hot
as two piles on either side, or maybe their chimney was larger so

charcoal. Hard to say.

It was good. A bit of smoke flavor and the spices worked well. I

next time I may finish it directly over the coals to crisp the skin a
bit more.