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"Douglas Roberts" wrote in message
Good morning. Recently my doctor recommended that I drink a few ounces of
red wine before bedtime saying it was good for the heart and for insomnia.
My knowledge of wines is limited. Would some knowledgeable person advise me
how to choose a wine with the following characteristics?
Inexpensive. Sweet. Non-fortified. Readily available in the US

Thank you and may you have a pleasant week. cdr.

Douglas, red wines tend to be dry rather than sweet. There are a few
sweet reds, which are dessert wines, but these are usually very
expensive because they are rare. There are some examples produced in
California, and maybe in Canada (I'm in UK). Try a search based on
"red wines dessert" and see what you get. I wonder why you specify
sweet, did the doctor say this, or is that the wine style you like?