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Piedmont wrote:
mike wrote:

I wondered if anybody out there has tried to duplicate the taste of
smoked beef or new york style deli pastrami. i've come up with close
but not
quite. any tips or recipes would be appreciated.


I reposted several of the links as they didn't come up for me, even
though they looked the same, they came up alright via google!? But, I
guaruntee they are all active and great sources. Randy's has real good
step by step pictures.

I went to local Super Wal-Mart last night, NO frigg'n packer cuts!!!!!!!
Ohhh, but now they have spares after not having them for the past two
months! Arrgggghhhh!! Good Ole Wal-Mart, now you see it now you don't
stocking policy.

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