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Default Using Honey

Hello, I am new to this egroup as well to "baking." I usually only
make pizza and the occasional loaf of bread, though I am also
interested in beer brewing...

The point of my thread is simply to inquire if there is some
significance in the type of "sugar" used for feeding the yeast. I
typically use a few tablespoons of granular sugar(or what the recipe
says); however, recently I used Honey and noticed a huge difference in
the quality of the bread and the amount of rise. I'm assuming that
honey is composed of less complex sugars and so its easier for the
yeast to digest, but this is just an assumption. I am curious if
anyone knows why this is or in fact if it is just coincidence. I'd
also appreciate knowing what other people use, if they use an alternate
sugar source.

Thanks in Advance