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Steve Ackman
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On 8 Feb 2005 05:51:43 -0800, Bermudez3 wrote:

Steve Ackman wrote:
On Mon, 07 Feb 2005 13:53:35 +0000, Chris Ely

Here are a couple of roasters that I am looking at for home use.

anyone have any experience with these? Any other recommendations?


I just got my FreshRoast Plus 8 last week and I love it! The coffee is
fantastic! You will not be disappointed in the roast. The FreshRoast
handles small batches, though, about enough for one pot at a time. If
that is not a problem for you then you are going to enjoy usuing this
roaster. Roasting is easy, cleaning the chaff is easy, everything is

You've misattributed the quotes. You should be
directing that to Chris Ely, not me.

My favorite roaster is the one on the right.

Can roast anything from 6 to 206 pots worth of coffee
at a time (given a pot with a 60g basket). Roasting
is easy, cleaning chaff is easy, everything is easy!