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Steve Ackman
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On Mon, 07 Feb 2005 13:53:35 +0000, Chris Ely wrote:
Here are a couple of roasters that I am looking at for home use. Does
anyone have any experience with these? Any other recommendations?

Have you thought about using a popper to get your
initial feel for roasting?

There are lots of ways to modify and adapt them,
using expensive electronics to get a home-grown
roaster with more control than any storebought one.
Even without fancy electronics, the quick'n'dirty
solution still roasts as well or better than any of
the pre-fabricated models. For quality to price
ratio, you really can't beat the lowly corn popper,
though later on, you might feel ease of use, batch
size, or chaff collecting merit more consideration
than quality alone.

Steve Ackman